Day 14/365 positiveness

Today it has been harder to keep up the positiveness, however I’ve at least tried to for part of the day! It wasn’t the best day for my mental health but I certainly won’t be looking back and will continue to look forward.

My husband did make this brownie and cream combo though to make me smile.

He succeeded.

Thirty things before I am 30!

Well, this year I am 30! Eeeeek! So in response to that I decided to think of 30 things I could do before the big 3 0.

It was inspired by one of my friends last year when she turned 30 but I’m going to go a bit more specific 😊.

It took quite a lot of time to think of thirty things, It is my birthday in November, so I’ve had a few months already to think about it. I have FINALLY decided on my things.

The ones I have chosen mainly consist of challenging myself, but also gain experience from. Some are to experience with my favourite people, and some are just for me. It is also about becoming a healthier me, whether that’s physically or emotionally.

My main word to live by this year is challenge. I have progressively done this over the years and in doing so has built up my confidence. This year especially will be a challenging one for me.

1. Take a self defense class

2. Learn sign language

3. Go on holiday abroad with Dan (my lovely husband, we’ve never been abroad together!)

4. Learn to ice skate (tha last time I ice skated was when I was 19, before my fall where I completely tore a ligament in my knee, yowch!)

5. Pass my driving test. Eek! I feel I am close at this point.

6. Make an item of clothing.

7. Learn a full song on the guitar.

8. Successfully grow a fruit or vegetable plant.

9. Book a holiday away for Christmas.

10. Host a charity event.

11. Skinny dip. (this was more my cousins idea, but I’ll attempt the dare 😂 maybe alone though.)

12. Go on a road trip.

13. Make your own sweets.

14. Go vegan for a week.

15. Wear more yellow/colours.

16. Walk on hadrians wall.

17. Make a foreign dish from scratch.

18. Go to a masquerade ball.

19. Burlesque class.

20. Visit a waterfall.

21. Make something unaided for the house or to sell.

22. Watch the sunrise at the beach.

23. Visit a haunted location.

24. Make homemade wine.

25. Make a candle.

26. Go to a new music festival.

27. Harry Potter tour in London.

28. Do a 10k run.

29. Go glamping.

30. Take a dance class. (admittedly, I’ve accidently put self defense class twice on my 30 things board, but my colouring took forever 😂. Plus it looks pretty.)

Many of these things I thought of I thought to be doable, but did put a few things on here that did require a fair amount of money, so the challenge will be saving money for these things!

The holiday and festival not a problem, but the road trip and hadrians wall may need more motivation. As for the making an item of clothing, well, last time I made something I was 14 and in my textiles class and made half a bag 😂. So we shall see how that goes down 😋.

Here’s to 2019, the last year in my 20s!

Day 10/365 positiveness

Even when it doesn’t feel like the best day, I like to look at what I have done and completed in my day.

I have managed to get out of bed. I managed to get myself to work. I even managed to make a really nice cuppa tea for me and the staff! All little things but still positive nevertheless. 😊

365 days of positiveness

For my secret santa I got a really nice mini Calender that had positive quotes on it for each day!

I am a lil bit late to the party with my days and quotes! But these are the lovely ones I have had so far ❤️.

Today- on 7th January I got this one.

Each day I will post what each one says and hopefully it can help myself and others to think in a more positive way in that moment 😊.

Today this one resonated with me greatly, I keep thinking I need to be doing things quickly or need to get somewhere in my life by a certain time. As life has progressed I have realised I should just let things be and go at my own speed.

I expected to have children in my early 20s, i expected to be a teacher by my mid 20s, but both these things didn’t happen and for a long time I couldn’t accept this. Now as time has gone on I have come to realise that life has gone the way it has for a reason- I am always growing as a person and the confidence I have now compared to years ago is astounding to me.

Let yourself take the time to be yourself and do things at YOUR own speed, you don’t need to be at every one else’s.