Hello everyone and thanks for joining me! 

I am Gemma, a 28 year old (eek!) Yorkshire lass and I will be talking about the things that are my passion; mental health and going eco friendly/plastic free.

I am currently on a journey to be plastic free and generally more eco friendly and aim to become as zero waste as physically possible. I will mainly be writing about finding ways to go eco friendly on a budget – and even trying things out for free! I have been working on this journey for the past 6 months, but recently I have decided to push myself further. This has been, and remains to be extremely difficult, interesting but above all – exceptionally rewarding! 

I will also be discussing mental health, including the pros and cons of current systems that government and charities have in place. My own mental health has always been an ongoing problem and concern for me. Unfortunately, I learned first hand a prolonged period in 2013 where my mental health had become a huge concern to me, but I was lucky enough to find help, support and comfort from friends and family to help me build on my strength and get me to a position where I feel I am able to write freely about it, and work on ways to help people who have been in a similar situation to mine.

I currently work in a school where children as young as four are developing differing levels of anxiety and depression. I would like to talk about the things I have done for children to better their situations with mental health and other ideas and activities. 

I am greatly looking forward sharing my experiences and tips, and hope my influences or ideas can help you, your children, or anyone you know for that matter! 🙂 


Happy blogging!





Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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