Last week, I thought it would be a good experiment to see how many eco bricks we would make in my class of 19 at school.

Eco bricks are bottles, full of unrecyclable plastic that can be used as a reusable brick. This is to ensure that the plastic we do have goes to a place we know, and not to landfill, rivers and the oceans. They can be used to build furniture, garden spaces and other projects around the world. There’s quite the hype now starting.

The main aim is to show you how much plastic you are using each week, and boy I was mortified by how much plastic was used and what could not be recycled.

Its definately made me think more about what I get in my shop, and also educate others on this too to hopefully encourage others to think about what they are buying.

On a weekly basis, I have filled a bottle. Which, when you compact all the plastic in there is a lot! At school, just amongst the 19 children in my group we used up nearly 2!! 😫😫 This was just during snack times in 5 days. This was the plastic straws from. The milk and the plastic covering the milk and fruit!

This was not even including the 2 other classes. So it definately opened our eyes up.

The thing I loved about this was how involved and interested the children were. They are 4 and 5, but very willing to learn about the world around them. I talked about how most plastic can’t be used and that they go out to our oceans. Here animals think the plastic is their food and unfortunately eat it.

I didn’t show them pictures of animals with it as its probably too distressing for their age but showed them pictures of plastic in the water. Children really are our future! They wanted to help and helped put the plastic in our bottles and saw how much went in.

We’ve now got into a routine of putting our plastic in the bottles whilst eating snack, and them saying they are not happy about it. But that they saved the plastic from going into the water and hurting animals! So we are thinking of our own project to do with the eco bricks!

We will definately be bringing in the other children from the other two groups and see how we go!

Happy blogging 😊

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