Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great Christmas and New year.

How is it 2019 already??

I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging as my mental health has not been up to scatch- one of the reasons I started to blog again in the first place.

It’s a constant battle of being in that black hole, whether I am deep in it, teetering on the edge or whether I am way over that hole. I’m lucky to of at least had the latter.

2018 combined many stresses and changes- one of which had been getting my First mortgage on a house! It took a long time, and ultimately one of the most mind numbing and at times soul destroying processes I have gone through. I have moved 25 times in my life. (yep that many!) but this one particular process was a corker.

Another change, or at least change in perception was the fact I wanted to progress in my role in a school and go on to do teacher training or at least get on my way there. This unfortunately was not taken seriously and did get me questioning why am I even doing this? However opportunities opened up through my union and (fingers crossed!) something positive will happen this year.

2018 was also the year to think of how I can be more eco aware, reducing the amount of plastic I use and looking out for better or natural alternatives. and because of this I have made many small Changes, which has accounted to be one big change in my lifestyle but I know this will be for the better! There has been a lot of guilt come with it though, and I feel like I am swimming in plastic. But I know it is a working progress!

I celebrated my 29th birthday in November.

Oh my days!

Getting so close to 30 has made me hyperventilate a bit (where on earth did those 20s go?) and make me look back on what I have done. To be honest I should be proud of myself and how I have handled myself but it hasn’t been easy. Many life experiences had, but many that have made me the person I am today and I am glad of that.

2019 I am going to continue challenging myself, one of the key things I do in my life to lead to more Confidence and better outcomes for Myself. Before the whole being 30 thing (ermagurddd) I have written down 30 things to do before I am 30, inspired by one of my friends that did this. Hopefully I can manage most, If not all of these challenges.

I will also continue to lead a better, eco friendly way of living and take each day as it comes. I have made small but very important changes to tackling the plastic problem we have on this wonderful earth.

Lastly I will ensure I look after myself and be kind to myself. I am currently suffering with psoriasis that has taken over most of my body now due to stress and allergies but I won’t let it stop me!

Here’s to a 2019 for all that will make us into stronger, more confident people.

Happy blogging 😊

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