For my secret santa I got a really nice mini Calender that had positive quotes on it for each day!

I am a lil bit late to the party with my days and quotes! But these are the lovely ones I have had so far ❤️.

Today- on 7th January I got this one.

Each day I will post what each one says and hopefully it can help myself and others to think in a more positive way in that moment 😊.

Today this one resonated with me greatly, I keep thinking I need to be doing things quickly or need to get somewhere in my life by a certain time. As life has progressed I have realised I should just let things be and go at my own speed.

I expected to have children in my early 20s, i expected to be a teacher by my mid 20s, but both these things didn’t happen and for a long time I couldn’t accept this. Now as time has gone on I have come to realise that life has gone the way it has for a reason- I am always growing as a person and the confidence I have now compared to years ago is astounding to me.

Let yourself take the time to be yourself and do things at YOUR own speed, you don’t need to be at every one else’s.

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