Today marks the year my mum went through a traumatic experience, something that even scared the hell out of me.

I didn’t find out until 2 days later, but it all started and ended in my mum being attacked for her handbag, around the corner from her house. She got pushed back, she hit the pavement and passed out. Luckily her boyfriend wasn’t far behind so she wasn’t alone for long.

She found out she had broken her shoulder which resulted in her getting a metal plate in her shoulder.

Now my mum has been through a hell of a lot through her life, damn I can’t even imagine how half of those things feel, but she’s a surviver, and will get through it no matter what.

She has built up her strength, got through the pain, deals with the anxiety of it all every day, all whilst trying to get through every day things.

She joked she could tie up her hair with one hand. (I did attempt this and failed. 😂) but she managed and survived.

She got made redundant just before the incident but she managed to get herself a part time job in October and she’s absolutely loving it.

Absolute super woman 💪.

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