Day 90,91 & 92 of positiveness

This week feels like a bit of blur, I will be honest! No particular reason for it apart from blogging was not my priority.

I sometimes feel feeling and thinking positive can be something I can do most of the time. But for the rest of the time you can’t help but feel less than enthusiastic. I suppose this week is that week.

It’s not necessarily been a bad week or particularly eventful but I suppose feeling like everything should be positive 24/7 is a bit of a challenge for me. Every now and again I sometimes get a bit of negativity and this contributes to my life experience. Not for long though hopefully! More positiveness, less negativeness.

Day 74, 75 & 76 of positiveness

I got some unfortunate news over the weekend that broke my heart so the blogging took a back seat for a few days. However, I’ve tried to do some constructive things and keep myself positive in the long run. This has worked well for me!

You can’t stop unfortunate and bad things happening in your life, but YOU can change the way you see it. You can see it as an opportunity, an experience to learn from or something that should just let be. Our lives arent just governed by everything that is happy, positive and light. It also has to have the dark.