Introducing, my rabbit family!

I got my lovely little rabbits, Beverly and Dianna 7 weeks ago and they are the best ☺️. I haven’t had animals for 6 years so its nice having them around. I had a cat before, but then I found out I had really bad allergies to cats πŸ˜”. I also had to leave her with my ex as I couldn’t take her with me due to moving to places that don’t allow animals.

Having an animal definately seems to lift up my mood and my mental well being is better. I now have a routine, where I have to get up in the morning and having that responsibility for another living thing has helped me. At first I was worried I’d do things wrong but so far no problems ☺️. Apart from my female rabbits have started to Mature(they are 4 and a half months old) which means they are very hormonal and extremely territorial. (especially Bevs, she’s very bitey!) so we cant have them together now until they have been spayed.

It’s nice to see their lil personalities shining through! Dianna is just the cutest, she’s also the smaller of the two.

She’s also very nibbly, so any wires out or clothes, keep out of reach πŸ˜‚.

Bevs is equally as cute, although she’s the more dominant and is a moody bunny. But she does daft things which make her fit right in at this household!